“Dyin’ Ain’t So Bad” from Bonnie and Clyde

Instrumental because there’s no instrumental on Youtube and I figured there should be.

Ever wanted to sing “I’m Not Alone” from Carrie but couldn’t because there was no karaoke? NOW THERE IS BECAUSE I MADE ONE! Enjoy.


Today the Dean of my brother’s school called home to tell us they found him crying in the hallway.  During lunch today, some kid took a flashdrive and started shoving it into his butt.  He said “Is this what you like, Reid?  Do you like when boys do this to you?” while the kid’s friends shouted “gay” and “fag” from across the lunchroom. So Reid broke down and sat in a corner of the hallway, alone, crying his eyes out. This isn’t the first time he’s been called these names.  He gets called “fag” almost on a daily basis in the locker room, in the hallway, and even in class.  When he came home, he couldn’t even look at any of us.  He went into his bedroom, locked the door, and just cried.  He’s still crying.

Did I mention these kids are in 6th grade?

11 years old? 

To whoever did this to him, how would you like it if you were tormented because you’re white or Christian or wore glasses?  Did it ever occur to you how it might affect him and his family?  The endless tears it might bring and the psychological deterioration it’s causing?  

More than ever, anti-gay bullying NEEDS to stop.  All the powerpoint presentations in the world can be made, but no one will stop unless someone DOES SOMETHING about it.

I love you, Reid, and it will get better <3

I know this isn’t music, but I think it’s important that people see this.  I love you Reid <3